Month: July 2016

  • Help students at Mae Ra Moe refugee camp to thrive!

    Project KARE returns to Mae Ra Moe refugee camp to deliver school supplies to thousands of Karen refugees. Our goal for the early December 2016 trip is to fill two trucks with pens, notebooks, chalk, printers and many more school supplies for more than 2,400 students in three high schools. You can make an enormous…

  • HS Students at MRM Refugee Camp

    Students in Grade 11 (B) at High School Number One at Mae Ra Moe Refugee Camp. Photo: Naw Eltar Taw (“Eh Eh”), English Teacher – 2014

  • “Computer Lab” at Mae Ra Moe

    Saw August John, Principal at High School No. (1) at Mae Ra Moe Refugee Camp, in the “Computer Lab”.  Photo: Project KARE, Nov. 2014 “Computer Lab”