2019 KARE Trip

Project KARE had our biggest KARE Trip yet!

January 2019 – Seven volunteers!

  • Volunteer English teachers joined in from all corners of the planet!
  • Nadine Kueber from Germany.
  • Jeanine Gunst from the Netherlands.
  • Mia Townsend and Ian Cossentino from USA.
  • All taught at Mu Traw Jr. College and Dae Bu Noh High School.
  • All three KARE co-founders on board – Su Baw, Michaely and Ron.
  • Su Baw directed all logistics for travel and activities – a massive undertaking!
  • Michaely Rosas taught several ‘teach the teacher’ sessions.
  • Ron Levis coordinated the Project KARE Student Photography Project and Thank You messages to honor our donors.
  • Thanks to our incredibly generous donors … we delivered seven very full trucks stacked sky high with school supplies to thousands of students in more than 10 area schools in Karen State!
  • We’re building a library and computer center too! We’re deeply grateful to two special donors who have sponsored the very first library in Mu Traw district! Next year … a computer center!
Kare Team delivering school supplies at Ta Ko To Baw village school.

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In late 2018 the Thai govt. closed overnight stays for foreign visitors to MRM

Unfortunately, foreigner travel to Mae Ra Moe refugee camp is still not possible.

Camp permits are currently not available.