How to Help

Are you an adventurous teacher? The Karen students are absolutely elated when they have a native English language teacher in their classroom. Unfortunately, since they’re outside the typical traveler’s circuit, volunteer teacher visits are a rare experience for them! Education leaders in the Karen community are enthusiastic about the benefits of having fluent English speaking volunteer teachers on-site. If you would like to learn more, check out the Q&A section and if that gets you excited … contact us!

If traveling to Mae Ra Moe or Karen State is not in the cards for you, you can make a BIG impact with your donations to Project KARE. It’s very easy and for US donors it’s 100% tax deductible!

Donate on-line at:

Project KARE Charitable Profile on Venmo

If you prefer to donate by check or cash, you can hand deliver your charitable gift to one of our co-founders:

  • Su Baw
  • Michaely Rosas
  • Ron Levis

Or you can deliver your gift by mail to Project KARE, 7461 E. Archer Pl., Denver CO 80230. Please make your check out to Project KARE.

If you’re in Australia, please contact a member of our Project KARE Australia team.

  • Ally O’Brien
  • Vanessa Feeney – vanessafeeney at hotmail dot com

Many of us give generously each year to help others but we never know what percentage of that donation actually reaches the people you want to help. When you donate to Project KARE, no less than 100% of your donation is used to purchase school supplies for Karen refugees on the Thai/Burma border. How is that possible?  We carry your donation directly to stores in northern Thailand and use that specifically to purchase school supplies.

Project KARE is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit org. In the USA, donations are tax-exempt. Tax ID #: 47-3534799.

Buy a Project KARE tee shirt – 100% of proceeds goes directly to the purchase of school supplies for Karen people. For just $15 you contribute to the education of Karen students and you raise awareness for this important cause!

Other things you can do …

  • Connect with your local Karen refugee community (we’d be happy to help you)
  • Volunteer as a tutor or instructor for your local Karen refugee community
  • Run a fundraiser to support Karen refugees in Thailand and Karen people in Burma
  • See our Shopping List
  • Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.