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Project KARE – Thailand


Project KARE is an all-volunteer non-profit organization and it takes many caring and capable hands to make it possible for volunteer teachers to have the opportunity to teach at Mae Ra Moe refugee camp. We owe endless gratitude to our KARE friends in Thailand.

Thailand – Chiang Mai

Van is our queen of volunteer happiness. If you’re a volunteer teacher traveling through Chiang Mai and you want some local help with shopping for school supplies, Van is magic at shopping! If you’d just like to have a local contact, someone to help you navigate Chiang Mai … Van loves to help!

Van – Volunteer Happiness Liaison for Chiang Mai

Thailand – Mae Sariang

Hsa Pu is our coordinator of camp permits and transportation to Mae Ra Moe. Once you get to Mae Sariang, you’re half way from Chiang Mai to Mae Ra Moe. She is your point of contact for making these critical steps happen.

Hsa Pu and her husband Koh Kyi