2022 KARE Trip

The Burma Army government continues aerial attacks on civilian targets in Karen State. Our hearts were broken to learn of the atrocities including destruction of the New Generation School in Dae Bu Noh, Mu Traw district. Fortunately, education leaders and students had already diverted classes to makeshift schools in the jungle. As dismal as this seems, the Karen people are committed to education as a path to safety and future autonomy.

In 2022, Project KARE delivered $35,000 from donations to buy school supplies which has been distributed to thousands of students. Many of these students now attend school in the jungle, often in bomb shelters / pits dug into the ground.

School supplies distributed across Karen State. Many students simply would not be able to attend school without your assistance.
Project KARE School Supplies Delivery in Karen State in January 2023 – from $35,000 funding from our donors in 2022.
School supplies delivery directly to students thanks to Project KARE 2022 donation of $35K