2018 KARE Trips

Thank you to all the adventurous volunteers helping Karen people!

Following ‘the better angels of your nature.’

January – Seven volunteers taught English at Mae Ra Moe to start the year with a huge bang! Kiri and Troy had an amazing adventure teaching at High School Number Three. Kate and Allie K. delighted students at High Two. Rob Dugan taught English at High One. And Steph, and Allie M. taught English and Drama at MRM Jr. College.

Volunteers take a trip to the waterfall in camp – Allie Katz and Kate McElroy with Troy and Kiri Vawdrey
Allie Morris and Steph Recio with new friends – Teaching at MRM Jr. College
Allie Morris, Steph Reccio & Rob Dugan with Hsa Pu & her kids in Mae Sariang


February – Five volunteers taught at post-10 schools in camp. Danielle Chery from USA and Sanam Chopra from Canada volunteered at PDC School. Bylli Gomez from the UK and David Cameron from New Zealand also taught at PDC.  Jessica Hamilton, also from from New Zealand, taught at Mae Ra Moe Jr. College.

Volunteers Sanam Chopra and Danielle Chery with their students at PDC Teachers School
Volunteers Bylli Gomez and David Cameron with their students in PDC Teachers School
Volunteer Jess Hamilton from New Zealand with Christina Paw and CH Moo Eh at MRM Jr College

 March – Year end exams

April – Schools out for the summer – hot season!

May – Summer break – students help replace leaf roofs on school buildings, maintenance time

June – Schools open again! Twelve (yes 12!) volunteers will teach at Mae Ra Moe in June.

  • June 10: Alex, Tricia, and Kerry from the U.K., Stephanie W., Nate, Yehno, and Ashleigh from the USA. Stephanie is a returning volunteer teacher!
  • June 26: Sarah from the UK and Andy, Bennett, Wendy and Michael from the USA
June and July volunteers from all corners of the planet!

July – Six volunteers

  • July 8: Van from Thailand will teach Thai language. Ary from Romania, Ruby from UK and Caitlin from Australia will all teach English.
  • July 19: Jeanine from Holland, Dinah from the UK.
Jeanine from Holland and Dinah from UK with their new friends at High Two

August – Five volunteers

  • August 8: Siggie from Denmark, Cecelia from the USA and Deeksha from India.
  • August 25: John from Colorado and Claire from Indiana also in the USA.
Deeksha Pagar with her new teacher friends at High Two
Claire Holba and John Irwin at church with new friends from High One

September – Three volunteers

  • Sept. 13:  Brendan and Chanse from Vancouver, Canada and Lydia from China.
Lydia Brendan and Chanse at High Three

October – Ten volunteers

  • Oct. 14 – Sam from New Zealand, Irene from Spain and Wieske from Holland.
  • Oct. 20 – Barbara from Spain, and Dorothy and Bonnie from USA.
  • Oct. 28 – Allie, Andie and Bonnie from USA and Rachel from Singapore

Sam Lloyd at High One at MRM
Barbara Frases and Bonnie Richardson at Bible School
Wieske Turenhout and Irene Sanchez at High School No Three at Mae Ra Moe refugee camp

November – Three volunteers (at KTBLC)

  • Nov. 17 – Kyra and Josh from USA and Nahomi also from the USA.
  • Volunteers planned to teach at MRM but Camp Permits were halted. Instead our three November volunteers taught at Kaw Tha Blay Learning Center, near Mae Sot
  • They had a wonderful experience teaching Karen people!

December –

  • December exams and then Christmas break until early January

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If you know an adventurous traveler who might like to volunteer to teach English at the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border, please invite them to review our Workaway Profile and our Volunteer Q&A and then contact us directly. See our five star volunteer feedback on Workaway.