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More than 120,000 Karen people have crossed the Burma (Myanmar) border into Thailand to escape horrific persecution by the Burmese Army. These Karen people reside in isolation in seven refugee camps, surviving on sustenance rations of rice, salt and fish paste. They are not allowed to leave the camps for employment to provide for their families. It is not safe to return home to Karen State in Burma where atrocities of ethnic persecution persist.

Education is critical for the safe and successful future of the Karen people, however resources and funding are extremely limited and diminishing. Even basic school materials are in limited supply or even unavailable for many children. No less than 100% of your donation to Project KARE is used to purchase educational materials and resources for Karen students and teachers at Mae Ra Moe Refugee Camp and Karen State.

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Karen News – March 2019 – Burma Army Attacks, Displaces 300 Karen Villagers as Suu Kyi Tours Karen State.

253 families including 864 women and 856 men, and 417 children under the age of 5 in Mutraw district, Karen State have been forcibly displaced by armed conflict as fighting escalates due to the expansion of the Burma Road. The clashes have taken place despite a ceasefire pact, as many attempt to escape indiscriminate gunfire and shelling by the Burma Army in KNU controlled areas in early February.

Karen News – Difficult to stay, Difficult to go home – Refugees on the Thai-Burma border are finding it difficult to stay, difficult to go home as funding cuts to refugee camps have left over 100,000 displaced people to choose between trying to survive in difficult conditions and returning to a country not ready to receive them.

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High school students at Mae Ra Moe camp

Classroom at High School No 1

Classroom at High School Number One

Babysitting at Mae Ra Moe

Nursery school students at Mae Ra Moe.

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