KARE – Europe

Project KARE – Europe

Nadine Kueber

Nadine is a passionate champion for the Karen people! She has contributed in teaching English and has assisted in a wide variety of educational activities. She has helped facilitate classroom exercises for teach the teacher and leadership training at Mae Ra Moe refugee camp in Thailand and in rural villages in Karen State in Myanmar.

January 2020 was Nadine’s third KARE Trip to Karen State. Each year she brings more and bigger bags filled with medical supplies, clothing, and much more. Nadine is always looking for any opportunity to help!

Nadine Shopping for School Supplies in Chiang Mai Thailand


Ari Comaniciu

Ari found us on Workaway while taking a few months off to get some ‘fresh air’, to find new inspiration and motivation before fully immersing herself into the next big chapter of her life.  It turns out she just needed a little dose of Karen hospitality at Mae Ra Moe!

Ari lives in Switzerland now but she is originally from Romania. She speaks many languages! She taught English at High Three in 2018 and as a newly graduated doctor she also prepared medical lesson plans. She delivered special classes in First-Aid and Basic Life Support in her ‘spare time’. She even brought an inflatable mannequin to demonstrate CPR!

Ari fell in love with the Karen people and she is passionate about helping them. She’s just starting a new career but she wants very much to help other volunteers to help the Karen people. If your time zone is close to Ari’s we will be happy to introduce you so you’ll have a regional Mae Ra Moe alumna to ask for advice about volunteering in camp.

Ari Comaniciu with her new teacher friends at High School No. Three