Volunteer – Golf Event

Do you want to help Project KARE make our biggest annual event to be a huge success?

Every year our Project KARE team hosts a golf event to help raise funds and awareness for our mission.

Here’s how you can help and what to expect:

. Arrive at golf course at 10:00am

. Put lawn signs, from sponsors of Project KARE, out on tee boxes in the morning.

. Walk the course and take candid pictures of our participants, lawn signs with golfers, and KARE displays.

. Retrieve lawn signs at approximately 3:00pm

. Join us at the clubhouse and take photos of golfers at the 19th hole.

If you’re interested … please contact Ron Levis – ron at project kare dot org

Typically this event is on the first Saturday after July 4th weekend.

We’d LOVE to have your help!

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