Used Digital Cameras

If you’ve upgraded to a newer digital camera and you’re not sure what to do with the old one, please consider donating it to Project KARE for our Student Photography Project!

Project KARE travels each year to Mae Ra Moe refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border and to Karen State in Burma. Our annual Student Photography Project has become a highlight the students look forward to every year! Dozens of students will be excited to take your used digital cameras home to photograph their family, friends, neighbors, and interesting scenes in their community. Last year was a HUGE success thanks to the generosity of many who donated their used digital cameras! See a sample of student photos below.

Cameras are rare in the refugee camp and Karen State so students are very excited just to hold a camera. Having the opportunity to take one home and take photos is awesome! We award your donated cameras to winners of the photography contest, for students who produce the most compelling photos, their overall collection of pictures.

The cameras don’t need to be fancy. Most used digital cameras in good working order, ideally those that use current standard memory cards (SD, Micro SD), would be just great!

This is an exceptional opportunity to see life in the refugee camp and villages in Karen State through the eyes of young students. You can see many more student photos posted throughout the year on our social media pages (links below):

Project KARE is an a registered non-profit and we can provide you with a donation receipt.

Thanks much for any help!

Contact us if you have any questions:

Babysitting at Mae Ra Moe refugee camp РBy Student Photographer Naw Lah Klee Paw


Washing dishes, time for a pipe smoke – by Student Photographer, Naw Hser Mu Paw, Grade 11


Boy Catching Water. Photo by Student Photographer Saw Pah Day Hsit, Mae Ra Moe Jr. College, Age 22.


New Favorite Hat – By Student Photographer Saw Pah Day Hsit, Mae Ra Moe Jr. College, Age 22