2020 KARE Trip

With the on-set of COVID, travel to southeast Asia was impossible. The coup in Yangon by the Burma Army government further stressed conditions for Karen people in Karen State and across the country.

Fortunately, with our network of Karen leaders, we were able to deliver $30,000 to fund delivery of school supplies to Karen State.

In addition to delivering school supplies, one of our major supporters, Scott Farrell, President of i2 Construction, facilitated the funding of construction of two large boarding houses in Karen State. Brady Farrell, President of 1901 Inc., Jim Simpson, CEO of East Daley Capital and Steve van Engen, CEO of MedSafety Solutions. Together they funded construction of two large boarding houses, making education possible for more than 160 students in Karen State. We can’t thank this incredible group of leaders enough for their extraordinary generosity.

This remarkable gift was made in honor of Scott Farrell’s beloved brother, Patrick Farrell. Pat, gone far too soon at 44, was a decorated veteran of foreign wars, a successful engineer, skilled athlete, loved husband, father, son, brother and friend to everyone he met.

Boarding House – Dae Bu Noh
Two boarding houses – construction completed in January 2021.