KARE Volunteers Delighting Students at MRM Jr. College2

December is a lucky month for the students of Mae Ra Moe Jr. College and it will be a memory for a lifetime for volunteers Sorcha and Tara. Sorcha is from Scotland and Tara’s from the Caribbean (Antigua) and the UK. The students are learning plenty of world geography just by discovering where their volunteer teachers have come from! Tara and Sorcha arrived at MRM JC just in time for Karen “Sweet December” and Christmas carols by candlelight.

Sorcha just completed her law degree and she’s taking a year to travel before continuing her studies.

Tara is on her gap year and she plans to read Social Anthropology at university in London.

The students from camp are thrilled and both Tara and Sorcha have many new Karen friends 🙂

Sorcha and Tara at Mae Ra Moe Jr. College