Volunteer Blog Post – Allison and Kate

I spent about three weeks volunteering at the Karen Refugee Camp and had the absolute best experience. The Karen people are the most kind, generous and resilient people. The students all truly wanted to be learning English and the teachers all were eager to help with anything we needed. Learning English is so important to the Karen refugee community to help them open new opportunities. The camp itself is a beautiful place located along the river and all of the people that I met there were truly amazing. I learned and gained so much from this experience. I’d recommend volunteering here 100%. Living conditions are basic but volunteers are treated so well. Everyone goes above and beyond for you. I’m already planning when I can go back again.


Volunteering here was one of the most rewarding and impactful things I did whilst travelling for 11 months. I volunteered here for 2 and a half weeks and loved every minute of it. The Karen people are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. They are so appreciative to have you and so generous. The location of the camp is also very beautiful it is a simple way of living but very rewarding. The children are amazing their English level is very basic but they are very eager to improve and it means so much to them to do this. They are also amazingly well behaved there was no discipline issues at all so don’t be afraid if you have never taught before. They are very shy so you may have to make an effort to break the ice with them but then they will give you their hearts.

Ron organizes everything before you go and is an amazing support if you have any questions or apprehensions. I could’t recommend this workaway enough!! The mornings are usually spent teaching and the evenings can be spent wandering the camp and being invited in to peoples houses or playing with the children.