Golfers win for Karen people

The hockey community comes through again!

Project KARE hits a Hole in One!

This extraordinary league of gentlemen, golfers with backswings like Al Iafrate, linksmen with the short game of Troy Terry, revealed their big hearts on the golf course on Saturday, raising more than $3,000 for Project KARE!!

It was a truly exceptional day – a marathon of hockey and golf, and even a fire and brimstone hailstorm for our final foursomes. When the skies cleared, our fundraising effort far exceeded our hopes! Your gifts will buy a boatload, literally, of school supplies for Karen people in Karen State in Burma and Mae Ra Moe refugee camp. ✏️📓📖

My hat’s off to all of you fellas … Cali Callahan, Chad Schlaepfer, Cole Hansen, Coop Frederick, Deano Phillips, Eric Kessler, John Klennert, John Kopperud, Josh DeLoach, Kris Whalen, Kyle Jones, Lance Savage, Mark Shanley, Marlo Derksen, Matt Harutun. Matt Neils, Matt Ridens, Mike Kelly, Nate Davis. Patrick Nolan, Peter Riley, Ray Eichenlaub (Joey Bagadonuts), and Scott Farrell.