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In recent weeks, thousands of villagers in Karen State in Myanmar have fled their homes to escape attacks from the Burma Army. Families and whole communities are on the run. Karen people are surviving in the jungle in the most basic conditions with little to eat. They have been separated from their homes and farms. They escaped with only as much as they could carry. With your help, we can ensure thousands of Karen people have nourishment each day. 100% of your donation will be used to buy rice, salt and medical supplies to help sustain and comfort displaced Karen people.

The coup in Myanmar in the news ... CNN Exclusive access inside Myanmar's brutal military crackdown, as pro-democracy activists beg for justice @clarissaward reports.

Over 3000 Karen Villagers On The Run After Airstrike by Burma Military - Karen News.

Please consider helping to provide urgently needed food supplies for displaced Karen people. Every donation will feed many people in need! Thank you to all of you who have already donated!

We always post photos of our KARE Trips when we deliver school supplies. However, these are unusually dire times. Due to the recent air raids in Karen State we have pivoted from delivering school supplies to humanitarian relief. Getting food and medical supplies to displaced Karen people will pose new challenges. These missions will be clandestine and dangerous trips to very remote jungle locations. We hope to have photos to share but with Internet shut down across Myanmar, it will take time for any photos to reach us.

With deep appreciation from Su Baw, Michaely, Ron, and all the displaced people from Karen State in Burma. Additional heartfelt thanks from the Karen community here in the Aurora/Denver area where 3,000+ Karen people still have family and friends who remain in harm’s way in Karen State.

To stay informed about what’s happening in Karen State, please follow our Project KARE page on Facebook or Twitter.

Many thanks for your kindness and compassion.

Over 3000 Karen Villagers On The Run

Over 3000 Karen Villagers On The Run

Over 3000 Karen Villagers On The Run

Over 3000 Karen Villagers On The Run

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