Thank you to all our amazing Project KARE donors!

Massive thank you to all our Project KARE donors who contributed to this delivery of US $35,000 in school supplies to students in Karen State in Burma. Your generous gifts made it possible to buy school supplies for thousands of students. Many children in rural Karen State do not have enough money to buy notebooks and pens so they just don’t go to school. Thanks to your donations, many more students are attending school.

Life is especially challenging in Karen State these days. Burma Army planes soar overhead nearly daily. Some drop bombs, often on rural civilian villages. Despite the constant threat and danger, Karen people are committed to their education. Schools we serve produce future Karen leaders – civic leaders, teachers, nurses, doctors/medics, etc. Thank you for making this possible!

Thank you to our co-founder, Su Baw, for coordinating with all of her close friends and family on the Thai/Burma border. Su Baw’s Karen connections help to achieve everything from money transfer to shopping for notebooks, pens, pencils, and sports equipment; transporting school supplies and then delivery of supplies to dozens of schools and thousands of students.

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