KARE Mission Accomplished!

Mission accomplished! Thanks to all of your help we delivered 10 heaping truckloads of school supplies to dozens of schools supporting thousands of Karen students across multiple districts in Karen State in Myanmar! That‘s more than double last year’s effort!

Pictured here is the Project KARE school supplies distribution center in Mu Traw district. There is no wide angle lens capable of capturing the massive amount of supplies. This year we delivered more than 40,000 notebooks, 30,000 pens, 200 boxes of A4 copy paper, plus pencils, erasers, rulers, footballs, cane balls and nets, volleyballs and nets, badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and nets. and so much more!

We also provided funding for the construction of a new primary school and another new library too! The library we funded in our January 2019 KARE Trip is the big red building shown in the 2nd photo below.

Our Project KARE donors are changing the lives of thousands of Karen students and future Karen leaders. Thank you from all of the students, teachers, education leaders, senior Karen leadership in Karen State, and from all of us at Project KARE. We’re deeply grateful for all you have done!

Ron, Su Baw and Michaely with 10 truckloads of school supplies

The new library funded by Project KARE donors – construction complete May 2019

KARE Volunteer English Teacher, Claire Holba, perusing books in the new library


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  1. Dan Krivit Avatar
    Dan Krivit

    Nice work!

  2. R Levis Avatar

    Thank you Dan. And thank you for all your good work helping Karen people too! Welcome back.